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Brandon Arnold

Welcome to the portfolio of the funniest, best looking & most modest freelance Web Designer in all of San Jose, Ca.

About Brandon

You've read the cocky headline. You've glanced at my work. And now, somehow, I've convinced you to learn more about me. Well first off, "bravo" to you for getting this far! Secondly, (because you may give me work/money) I say "bravissimo" to me for convincing you to get this far! If you glance to your left, you'll see a mid-twenties, Bay Area native who loves (in addition to his family, his friends and his plaid shirts) four things: Design, Development, Advertising and Improv. For nearly a decade, I have combined these four loves into hundreds of sites, campaigns, and just about anything else that can be classified as "creative." Please give these different personalities a read and try not to like me. I Dare you.
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UI Designer. UX Expert. Interactive Strategist. Buzzword. Buzzword. Buzzword. Simply put, I'm a designer who designs for screens. Big screens, small screens, and some as big as your head. But I'm not a snooty artist, concerned with making pretty pictures. Instead, I create well-crafted experiences for users from beginning to end (that just happen to also look good in the process).
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Nerd Alert! I love coding! I'm a front-end developer who codes mostly in straight HTML/CSS (HTML5/CSS3/SASS), but I can also be found writing some lines of PHP (mostly Wordpress-based) and Jquery. To me, coding is like a giant puzzle. Every time I open Coda, the game is to make something work exceptionally well, but with the least amount of code possible. I love games. I love code.
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"Good advertising makes food taste better, cars run better, and changes the perception of everything" (George Lois), so why the hell wouldn't someone want to work in the ad industry?! Spending over 3 years in the agency world, I've penned numerous traditional campaigns and an increasing number of nontraditional campaigns. And although concepting is my forte, my public speaking skills have made me a useful pitch man.
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Roughly 100+ times a year for 7 years, I've stood on a stage with fellow improvisers and made stuff up for an audience of laughing people. Improv has helped me to hone my creative prowess, emphasized the value of team work (Yes, And!), and most importantly, taught me what its like to fail. In Design, Development and Advertising, this willingness to take risks is my most important attribute.
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If you'd still like to contact me for other reasons, please drop me a line You can also hit me up on any of those sweet sweet social networks i'm on. You look wonderful today, beeteedubbs :)