Brandon Arnold

Product Designer

The Funniest, Best Looking & Most Modest Designer In The World.

I'm an early thirties, Bay Area native who loves (in addition to his family, his friends and his plaid shirts) four things: Product Design, Development, Advertising and Improv. For nearly a decade, I have combined these four loves into hundreds of sites, campaigns, products & just about anything else that can be classified as "creative."

Whats My Deal


Design Lead

Leading a design team on 50+ client and internal projects ranging from consumer apps to biotech. Responsible for coaching designers to solve complex product design problems, managing client relations and leading the ZURB Foundation team on the Foundation open-source framework.

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The RoughHouse

Performer & Writer

The Roughhouse is a sketch comedy group based out of San Jose, CA and we've brought our quick-witted, fast-paced, and sometimes absurd humor to the Bay since 2012. With them I've written and performed characters ranging from “The Devil’s Girlfriend” to “Saddam Hussein’s Roommate” - I've even played crazy characters like “Guy In Restaurant”.

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Performer & Instructor

ComedySportz is a comedy show where two teams compete for audience laughs and points while improvising scenes, games, operas and musicals. As a performer I've spent a decade making 1000's of shows up on the spot and as an instructor I've taught 100's of others to do the same.

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Where You've Seen Me


  • September 2015 | Campbell, CA
    Soapbox With Jessica Hische

    An Interview about about where Jessica finds inspiration, her process & why it’s so important to be yourself.

  • June 2015 | San Francisco, CA
    Jquery SF Conf

    A presentation on how ZURB uses Foundation for Apps with rails to make a design & dev paradise. View Video

  • June 2014 | New York, NY
    General Assembly | Design Is How It Works

    Speaking about the ZURB Design Proccess and benefits of using iteration to create amazing work.

  • May 2014 | Hong Kong
    Harbour Front Web Days

    Speaker for three nights of a three day design conference In the heart of Hong Kong.


  • December 2015 | Web Designer Magazine
    What's new with Foundation 6

    An in depth look at the new features of Foundation 6 & how they can benefit your next build today.

  • April 2015 | Dev Tips
    Dev Tips Interview

    An all encompasing interview About Zurb Foundation, Design and opensource with Brandon Arnold. View Video

  • March 2015 | Net Magazine
    Design a prototype for a responsive web app

    Demonstrates how to mock up a fully responsive web app layout using ZURB’s Foundation for Apps. View Article

Allright, We're done here

That's it. That's me. Thanks for skimming down the page till you got here. If you want to know more about me you can find me on Twitter, email me, or go back and actually read the words I wrote.


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